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3 Features to Look for When Integrating MT4 Plugins into Existing Trading Platform

The development of trading platforms continues to bring massive enhancements in the forex market without showing any signs of slowing down. With fast-changing market trends and growing competition, forex brokers shouldn’t miss out on any opportunity to automate their business processes and make things easier than ever.

While MetaTrader 4 consists of numerous features and in-built functionality, there is still a need for additional plugins and tools to enhance trading operations and processes to a large extent.  Sometimes, it isn’t possible to meet everyone’s expectations, which is why it becomes necessary to incorporate additional MT4 plugins into the existing trading platform.  

Integrating an effective plug-in into your trading platform can make a positive difference in user experience and customer satisfaction. For those who aren’t aware of MT4, this guide will present a brief understanding of it and help you determine aspects to watch out for additional plugins.

Let’s dive in.

Overview of MetaTrader 4

MT4 or MetaTrader 4 has become a widely popular trading platform, commonly used by forex traders due to its ease of use, friendly interface, and advanced intuitive functionality. It offers users an option to align personalized trading scripts in a systematic manner, with the automated trading capabilities and increased algorithmic trading support. 

Using MT4 for Forex Trading? It’s Time to Integrate MT4 Plugins

Technical analysis and innovation are two crucial elements for forex trading, helping forex brokers to predict future trends and make a better-informed decision. Having MT4 plugins comes in handy to carry out robust functionality and necessary tools to increase the scope of growth in the forex market. 

Let’s take a look at rich features you should look for in MT4 plugins:

1.      Risk Management

There are scenarios where trading is permitted for a symbol even when there is an error with data streams and updates. If a forex broker continues to operate with off-market prices, it may lead to unexpected losses. That’s why it is smart to have a tool that automatically detects issues and ends the account if the balance decline below zero, thereby prevent potential losses.

2.      Real-Time Monitoring

A comprehensive feature like pattern recognition allows the server to automatically monitor charts and trading processes on traders’ behalf and then anticipate future market trends, which contribute to fast decision-making. The technology tracks several forex instruments throughout the day that can help recognize trading opportunities at the earliest time possible.

3.      Easy Order and Account Management

The feature of the MT4 plug-in should include trade calculators to allow users timely evaluate stop losses. Incorporating an additional functionality could be an efficient way to manage orders and accounts while positioning numerous instrument orders at the same time.

Top-notch security standards and ease of use are what make any server plug-in stands out from the rest. Since forex trading must go through a centralized process, it makes more sense to integrate additional plug-ins for enhanced efficiency and expansion.

Vladislav Sorokin

Cloud based WebAPI progress

We have cloud hosted JSON Web API for MT4/MT5.
During this weekend we have done some job and performance gained dramatically.

Please have a look to the statistics, here you see how significantly response time reduced:


This screenshot shows previous time range statistics, pay attention to percentiles:


After update graphs look like:


In other words,
99% of requests will complete during 76ms,
95% of requests - during 24ms,
if you are lucky, 50% of the time - you will get response during 9.7ms.


Feel free to join our first in the class cloud hosted MT4/MT5 JSON Web API at: https://MyWebAPI.com

Vladislav Sorokin

New features in GAP Helper plugin

We have added two extra features to the GAP-helper plugin

  1. Two more execution price selecting algorithms: 
    • best - works as sounds;
    • fair-worst - between the best price in the array, we will pick the worst among them.
  2. Added parameter ‘ticks counting mode’ which changes ticks counting algorithm dramatically:
    • satisfied - previous n-ticks, all satisfy requirement to fire order. The mode by default in previous versions;
    • following - n-ticks after first price, which activates order.

So, you will have few more options to choose from to get even more profit without irritating your clients. 



Vladislav Sorokin

Aware about PIP traders?

Do you want to know who cheats? Usually they named "pip traders" because they enter and exit during a few seconds period and get significant profit from those trades. Now you can easily filter out such traders and analyze their activity conveniently. Add filter like on picture below and use all power of our Analytics system.

Then make this filter active and use everywhere in any reports you like.



Feel free to register and start using right now.

Vladislav Sorokin

Reinvent of Quotes Monitor tool

After a while we realized to make a brand new tool with modern UI that must be much faster, more compact and deeper customizable. Today computation using GPU became popular, UI can get rendered faster by using resources of video card.

WPF is the most powerful framework to develop desktop applications. It offers deeply customizable UI that will be rendered using GPU, to archive minimum delay on render elements’ updates.

Take a quick look to the video below.

Vladislav Sorokin

Two years celebration

Year 2016 was exciting, we met new partners and made few more products.

Let me introduce those products

  1. MT4 Manager API .NET Wrapper - .net wrapper over native MetaQuotes MT4 ManagerAPI. Develop apps easily as never before using C#/ASP.Net/PowerShell.
  2. GAP Helper MT4 plugin that requires incoming ticks to be in a sequence to confirm execution. It makes possible to adjust price when order is getting to be executed. It proceeds SP/TP/Limit and Stop orders and let you choose what price it should use: first/last/worst or orders' price.


Thank you all for being with us this year, we appreciate it.

Vladislav Sorokin

Quotes Monitor tool

In this article, I will talk about quotes came from liquidity providers, potential problems and their solutions.

Each day through the broker’s trade server gets passed millions of quotes. To get quotes from some provider in MT4, there is a feature—data feeds. You can add as many sources as you want. When one symbol seems to be out of quotes for a while MT4 will switch to next data feed from the list. Until MT4 notice quotes at first data feed. Then he switches back to first data feed from the list.

But what will happen during this period? All we know the name for this - “gap”. Client will see it in client terminal and this is badly affects broker’s business. Very important to notice this, how often some quotes sources provided such gaps to rearrange data feeds or even constantly switch to another provider.

We glad to present a tool to monitor quotes from multiple sources. We’ve invented it under supervision of real world brokers. It shows you a real time overview about all symbols you have, its current prices, current and average spread, when the last price came and how long there were no prices since last update.

We have added a future to let you simultaneously monitor quotes from multiple brokers, your competitors (optionally). To notice a situation when clients can go arbitration because you have worse conditions.

It can notify not only by using visuals (coloring) but using sound and instant messaging (internal MT4 mailing, slack, telegram, etc)

Feel free to download free demo version and get technical documentation from our confluence website.

Contact us for pricing and collaboration.

Vladislav Sorokin

Nuget + Chocolatey = best software deploy and updates delivery system

We have deployed our privately hosted NuGet server which let you install/update libraries right from Visual Studio or even command line using console client whenever you want.

NuGet URL: https://nuget.cplugin.com/nuget/default
Add this package source to your package manager and start using our libraries.

Second feature also very interesting, Chocolatey feed lets you to download software package for the very first time and receive further updates easily.
Chocolatey feed URL: https://nuget.cplugin.com/nuget/apps

For further readings please have a look here https://confluence.cplugin.com/display/GEN


Vladislav Sorokin

Very first year celebration

A year passed, we have done few projects and met our first long term partners.

What we added during 2016

  1. Traders Room - website for brokers to let their clients register new and manage exist MT4 accounts.
  2. Json WebAPI - another promising WebAPI that uses Json payload. We have plans to add OData and SignalR endpoints.
  3. Multi-Tier IB (advanced) - new plugin with feature to read/write settings/calculations from/to MySQL DB respectively.
  4. Dynamic Leverage MT4 plugin - to adjust margin requirements at real-time based on volume client owns in MT4.
  5. News Processor - a tool to receive real-time news from many sources and write to original recipients like MT4, MySQL, etc.


We'd like to thank all of you who trusted in us, who sent bug reports and feature requests.