Top MT4 and MT5 Plugins to Simplify and Automate Your Business Operations

Forex trading has changed significantly over the years. Trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 have started to offer exceptional experiences on cryptocurrencies and other instruments.

MT4 and MT5 are developed by MetaQuotes and they give brokers access to different CFDs and financial markets. Besides the default features of these platforms, there are tons of MT4/MT5 plugins available to fine-tune your trading operations. 

As choosing the right technological solution is important, we have created an overview of MT4 and MT5 and their plugins to help optimize and automate risk management.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 – What to Know?

MT4 offers various trading and analytical technologies, and also additional services for professional brokers. Expert Advisors (EA) trade at a predetermined algorithm, which allows you to create a personal advisor or robot of any complexity. The platform supports 128-bit keys and RSA (asymmetric encryption algorithm) for enhanced security.

As you certainly know, the forex industry is shifting gradually towards MetaTrader 5. It is undeniably the future of retail trading. What’s so special? Well, it offers hedging, no FIFO rule, financial calendar, e-commerce integration, improved charting, and time frames, first-class indicators, multiple market order ability, and supreme plugin integration.

MT5 traders are not restricted to using built-in analytical resources like MT5 tables, indicators, and graphs. Owing to MQL5, an object-oriented and high-performance programming language, traders can create their own technical indicators.

MT4 Plugins Listed:

  • AMF Compliance – This plugin for MT4 can help satisfy AMF authority requirements to reduce possible customer loss. It enables a guaranteed stop on every trade depending on the financial market.
  • Auto Limit & Stop Levels – It adjusts limit and stop levels in accordance with a scheduler to minimize risks broker encounter during highly volatile market conditions.
  • Competitions Manager – Manage competition start and end time for specified user groups and close client positions when the competition completes.
  • Flexible Leverage – This plugin can help dynamically change traders’ leverage depending on their total open positions. You can set countless rules and graphical user interfaces to change settings.
  • GAP Helper – It can help execute trades through price confirmation and using confirmed prices. It can proceed with all sorts of trades and choose an algorithm for each order type.
  • JSON Web API for MT4 – JSON Web API allows you to manage the MT4 server remotely via any HTTP-enabled client. You can create, request, update, change settings, make deposits/withdrawals, change leverage, etc. 
  • Multi Account Manager – Asset manager can handle various sub-accounts from a master account by dividing trades’ margin requirements. It supports up to 128 master accounts, each working with a specified allocation mode and managing a specific group of sub-accounts.

MT5 Plugins Listed:

  • AMF Compliance – Pick a plugin hosting mode and license period to minimize customer loss with guaranteed stop-loss execution.
  • Flexible Leverage – Brokers can specify multiple balance levels with corresponding leverage and filter accounts to manage risk during increased volatility.

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