Why MT4 Plugins are Essential for Brokers

Why MT4 Plugins are Essential for Brokers? 5 Top Plugins to Consider

MetaTrader 4 or MT4 comes along with plenty of useful functions and nearly everything that a broker needs. But it is never enough, especially when your business starts to expand and you need solutions to simplify and automate processes.

With such a broad audience and unique demands, it is impossible for a single trading platform to satisfy everyone’s needs. Hence, we provide diverse MT4 plugins for brokers that allows them to add functionality depending on their requirements and specifications.

MT4 plugins need to be installed on a server and configure via MT4 administrator. Our experts design MT4 plugins keeping their requirements in mind, which will boost the current functionalities of MT4.

How do MT4 Plugins Help?

  • It helps you alter features of MT4
  • It makes operations easier than a standard MT4 platform
  • It helps you to save ample time and efforts

Top MT4 Plugins that Every Broker Should Use

If you’re a broker, then you might aware of the fact that enhancement never stops. Luckily, CPlugin Team never stops either. We are constantly working to create new plugins and web applications to help brokers achieve their goals.
Below is the list of plugins focusing on reporting, risk management, and automation.

  1. AMF Compliance – It fulfills AMF authority requirements to minimize or prevent customer loss. It enables a guaranteed stop on every trade.
  2. Competitions Manager – Choose from a hosting mode to manage competition, start and end time, and close client positions when the competition finishes.
  3. Flexible Leverage – This plugin can dynamically change traders’ leverage depending on the total number of open positions with numerous rules.
  4. GAP Helper – This is designed to manage how orders execute. It can perform all kinds of trades – SL, TP, Stop, and Limit. Moreover, you can choose an algorithm for each order type – first, last, and orders’ price.
  5.  Multi-Account Manager – MAM plugin allows the asset manager to manage various sub-accounts from a master account by dividing margin requirements between them. It supports up to 128 master accounts, each working with a specified allocation mode and handling a specific group of sub-accounts.

We have covered popular plugins that brokers can use to ensure an optimal level of service and security. To enjoy a streamlined trading experience, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about these solutions.