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To optimize the MT4 database and enhance server performance, we propose consolidating trade and user records into a single compressed record. This consolidation will significantly reduce disk and memory usage, decrease boot time, and improve overall server health. As a result, traders will experience lower latency due to the reduced size of the MT4 database.

Important to know

With the recent update, MT4 has encrypted its database files, including the groups.ini file, making it inaccessible for reading. Consequently, our tool cannot fulfill its intended functions. To address this issue, we've developed a plugin for MT4 called the ConGroup Exporter, which allows for the exportation of groups into a readable file format, restoring compatibility with our tool.

In simpler terms, this tool relies on the ConGroup Exporter. Purchasing it separately will render the tool non-functional.

How to get it

Comprehensive documentation can be found here.

Files can be downloaded from here.


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