API Trading in Forex Market – How does JSON Web API for MT4 Work?

MetaTrader 4 is a popular trading platform that comes with robust features and functionalities. But this is never sufficient, especially if you’re an MT4 broker or active trader in the forex market. As MT4 is dominant amongst all trading platforms, you need additional plugins to get functionality depending on your demands.

As your business starts growing, the built-in functionality may fall short of brokers’ needs and plugins are required to streamline and automate processes. We recommend JSON web API integration to MT4 brokers, their white labels, and IBs to manage servers remotely via HTTP-enabled client.

Here’s how MT4 JSON Web API can help:

Best-in-class MT4 web API, cloud-hosted for the least latency can help manage your servers from ASP/PHP/JS/Perl and automate tasks using PowerShell. You can also make financial analyses using Excel and Matlab.

MT4 and MT5 servers can be managed remotely via HTTP-enabled devices – from simply anything connected to the internet, be it a website, mobile platform, computer program, or anything else.

  • It helps you modify and advance the features of MT4
  • Makes workflow easier than standard MT4
  • Helps you save ample time often wasted due to poor functionality

How does JSON web API work?

MT4 JSON web API allows you to create, request, update, delete users, orders, server settings, make deposits and withdrawals, change leverage, news time, symbols’ stop levels, etc. Moreover, you can use Matlab and Excel to connect to your server and make any sort of data analysis.

Having the cloud interface, it runs 24/7 from various regions to provide the least data access latency. For extra convenience, there is an administration portal available from your browser, so you can manage new and existing employees’ access, create computer-to-computer accounts and give permissions accordingly.

Entities it can change:

  • MT4/MT5 server settings
  • Users and user groups
  • Symbol groups
  • Orders – create, update, delete
  • Ask for more

Updates you can get in real-time:

  • Price stream – aggregated and raw
  • Accounts’ margin
  • Symbol settings
  • Account offline/online status switch
  • Ask for more

Technical info:

  • JSON payload/detailed errors
  • JWT authentication
  • Unlimited number of MT4/MT5 servers, sub-accounts, and application accounts
  • Endless workspaces created
  • 24/7 monitoring by various technologies 
  • Timely notifications about failures

Plugins for Better Functionality and Automation

MetaTrader 4 is a powerful trading platform, but you can make it even more versatile with additional plugins and API integrations. You can expand the functionality and automate processes depending on your business requirements. For instance, you can develop a dynamic leverage plugin to change traders’ leverage based on their total open positions with an unlimited set of rules. You can also create modules optimized to connect to any online payment system and automatically deposit funds to traders’ accounts.

With these plugins, brokers can simplify trading processes, automate risk management, streamline IB remuneration procedures and optimize dealing operations. You can request a practical demonstration of any of our products in-store via contact form to see these plugins in action and learn more about effective solutions for MT4/MT5.