How MT4 Plugins and Tools Can Help Enhance Your Trading Experience?

Most trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 come with in-built functionality that works for initial setup and business operations. However, as your business starts to expand, you may fall short of brokers’ requirements and need additional plugins to streamline your workflow.

The CPlugin programming team has a decade of experience in providing useful tools, MT4 plugins, web applications, and technical support to beginners and active forex brokers. If you’re looking for ready to use solution integrated into your trading platform, we’ve got you covered. We can help your business stand out, boost productivity, and complete in a dynamic business environment.

MetaTrader Tools and Plugins
Our turnkey solutions for trading platforms can help you at every stage of forex trading and business lifecycle. We advise you to add one or two at the beginning of your journey and add more as you grow to attract more clients and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

  • Risk Management – specializing in risk reduction, profit maximization, and automation
  • Reporting and Server Data – complete automation of reporting process, hassle-free server data collection, and routine task management
  • Automation – error-free updates of MT4 settings, auto-configuration, and time-saving
  • Integration and Expansion – extend functionality, improve the trading experience, and increase conversion
  • Client Management – various investment programs, control over brokers’ exposure, increase trade volumes and automate bonus programs

MT4 Plugins Essential for Every Broker
We are continuously working to create new plugins and web applications focusing on risk management, process automation, and reporting.

  • Flexible Leverage – designed to dynamically change traders’ leverage depending on their total open position. Plus, set of rules and a graphical user interface to change settings.
  • GAP Helper – Use a few tricks to be in a row and satisfy the rule to confirm execution. You can choose an algorithm for each order type – worst, first, last, and order price.
  • Competitions Manager – Manage competition start and end time and close clients’ positions when the competition finishes.
  • AMF Compliance – designed to fulfill AMF authority requirements to prevent customers’ loss. It enables a guaranteed stop on every trade.

If you’ve just started your forex trading business or are stuck somewhere in between, fret not, CPlugin is here to assist. Our MT4 server plugins are tailored to three crucial elements – goals, expertise, and needs. We provide software, web applications, JSON web API, server plugins, and tools required by brokers, white labels, and IBs. Contact us to set your business up for expansion and automation for ultimate success.