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Vladislav Sorokin

Software Development

When your company needs to develop very custom software from scratch.

Share with us your idea and we tell you how long it would take to deliver it.

as a Service

When your company wants to use software as a service for affordable price.

Cloud solutions are to reduce maintaining costs and delivery time.

IT Angel

When your company needs help of IT engineers.

Share with us your current problems and we will offer best possible solution.

Why Us

How we do it

Results-Oriented Solutions

Our mission

Our key business focus is providing all solutions for Forex brokers. Our expertise in technologies makes our products and services unique to the financial industry. Our plug-ins allow you to increase your competitive advantages and expand your possibilities for taking profit.

If you are looking for a ready to use solution integrated to your trading platform MT4 or MT5, custom development around your trading platform, our solutions will definitely help you to achieve your goals! You can differentiate your business, raise your productivity and compete in a more complex and dynamic business environment.

From Art to Science

Our specialization

CPlugin team has a decade experience in this industry and will do its best to be extremely useful with tools and expertise both for beginners and experienced traders and brokers. Our wide range of ready-made projects can help the newcomers understand how it all works.

In addition, our team uses the software, web application, and other useful tools and different server plug-ins that are required by the brokers, White Labels and IB’s.

Our convenient, reliable and affordable products designed to meet the individual requirements of all our clients. We can also help you to customize a product depending on the client’s demand.

About Us

Who we are

We have 15 years experience in the forex industry.

We can be a decisive factor behind your success

We have come to this industry to help the forex brokers. During this long journey, we have helped many forex brokers to earn a huge from this business. We work with the objective of helping the forex brokers. We solve their problems by automating their business. Furthermore, we help them to make the right choice and to take effective decisions related to the forex brokers. What is more, we offer them the customized technology solution. 

We are available by 24/7. You can come to us anytime for technical support. We will be happy to assist you in any manner. You can also request a free trial version of the products. We will offer you the help depending on your requirements. We will answer all your queries. 

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Our clients

Here must be a list of customers we all proud of. But we respect privacy and will not disclose our customers and partners.
Nobody wants retail traders to spot this sheet here.

Would you believe or not, some of them enlisted in the Global Top #10 forex companies.

Some of

Our products