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Cloud hosted tools to monitor exposure, quotes, deal trades and send notifications. Nothing to install, just register, and you are good to go.

To reduce learning curve and save customers time, we created a cloud hosted toolbox with many features. It can monitor your quotes stream and assign sophisticated rules to ensure none of them freeze. And send notifications to any of selected channel.

It can run custom routines (for example, to calculate drawdown or per symbol exposure) and dealing applications (for example, to limit trader's maximum position).

For managing settings of complicated plugins like Flexible Leverage, there is a UI, so you can easily and quickly render any length settings and apply to your server.
You can observe your server exposure in real time.
For those who want, but cannot, deploy a custom virtual dealer plugin to the server, we can make a dealing module and run it using Manager API.

(we are preparing a subscription option for each module. Temporary, none purchases available here by now)


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