Best in class WebAPI for MT4 and MT5, cloud hosted for least latency.
Manage your servers from PHP/ASP/Go/JS/Perl, automate tasks using powershell/curl scripts running by scheduler or even make financial analysis using Matlab and Excel.
Pay as you go, after you consume whole free tier available every month.

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Best in class JSON WebAPI for MT4 and MT5 servers to manage them remotely through any HTTP enabled client. In other words - from anything connected to internet.
For example, it can website, mobile platform, computer program, software like Matlab or Excel, etc.

"What can I get?"

You can create/request/update/delete users, orders, server settings; make deposits/withdrawals; change leverage/news time/symbol's stop level, etc.
Furthermore, you can even use Matlab and Excel to connect to your server and make any kind of data analysis.

"How does it work?"

Having the cloud architecture, it works 24/7 from multiple regions to provide least data access latency.
So, you always connect to the instance which is closest to you.

"How much it will cost to me?"

It has very low fees based on actual usage. In other words, how often and how much data you need to manage. So, low consumption will produce short bills. Fair!
In a nutshell, you would pay up to €0.1 per 1000 calls and up to €0.1 per 5000 events received .
We also have free tiers to let you try or use under very low load - first 5000 calls and first 10000 events received will be free of charge every month!
We interested in your company growing, so we grant you free tier to run for the goal of win-win condition in long term.

"How can I manage list of my servers and employees?"

For your convenience, there is administration portal available right from your browser. So you can invite new and manage your existent employees access, create computer-to-computer accounts and manage its permissions very granually.

Entities you can manage:
  • MT4/MT5 server settings itself;
  • users and user groups;
  • symbols and symbol groups (securities);
  • orders: create/update/delete (ie. Deposits/Withdrawals);
  • ask for more.
Updates you can get through WebSocket in real-time:
  • price stream: aggregated and raw;
  • account's margin;
  • symbol settings;
  • account online/offline status switch;
  • ask for more.
Some technical information:
  • JSON payload, detailed errors;
  • OAuth/JWT authentication;
  • Lovely hosted by Microsoft Azure (reliability and availability on top level);
  • Unlimited number of MT4/MT5 servers, sub-accounts, application accounts can be run within each workspace;
  • Unlimited number of workspaces can be created;
  • 24/7 monitoring by multiple technologies with instant notifications about failures.

Looking for user's manual? - check here.

By using our JSON WebAPI for MT4 you save your time, money and human resources.

Payment options

Pay as you go, Run dedicated instance


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