MetaTrader Plugin

How to Simply Workflow with MetaTrader Plugin Development?

Trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 come with in-built functionality sufficient to set up operations. However, when business starts growing, the default functionality falls short of brokers’ needs and additional plugins are required to streamline business processes.

With plugins and versatile add-ons, you can automate workflow, expand functionality, and integrate solutions depending on your business needs. For instance, you can choose to develop a plugin on the Report API that automatically generates timely reports for the regulator. 

Thanks to experts at CPlugin, specialized in MetaTrader plugin development that can be easily integrated into any platform or application. This way, forex brokers, their white labels and IBs can have the most efficient platform with superior functionality and enhanced automation support right from the beginning.

Get Plugin Development for MT4/MT5 Server

Our team completely understands the core requirements of forex brokers and therefore, amongst our ready-made and tailored products, you can find a huge set of solutions that caters to the precise needs of any firm. To help boost functionality and performance across all platforms, we offer independent plugin development for both MT4 and MT5 white label platforms.

Everything is prepared and well-controlled under our services without fetching anywhere else. CPlugin is your one-stop destination for expanding trading platforms capabilities with add-ons and plugins and acquiring quality technical support.

A Wide Range of Plugins for MT4/MT5 Platforms

  • AMF Compliance – It is designed to fulfill AMF authority requirements to limit possible customers losses. It enables a guaranteed stop on every trade, plus cannot increase potential loss.
  • Auto Limit & Stop Levels– It enables adjustment of limit and stop levels of symbol in accordance to the scheduler to minimize risks brokers often face during high volatile market conditions.
  • Competitions Manager– It manages competition from start to end time and closes clients’ positions when competition completes.
  • Flexible Leverage– It can dynamically change traders’ leverage based on their total open positions. It specifies a countless number of rules and graphical user interfaces to change settings.
  • GAP Helper– The aim is to manage order execution, requiring a few ticks in a row, and confirm how to execute the order. Also, you can choose an algorithm for each order type – worst, first, last, and orders’ price.
  • Multi-Account Manager– It allows the asset manager to handle multiple subaccounts from a master account by dividing trades’ margin requirements. It supports up to 128 master accounts, each working with a particular allocation mode and managing a specified set of subaccounts.
  • Multi-Tier IB– It is designed to calculate and pay commissions in real-time. Additionally, it can evaluate rebates to pay back to the client if IB decided to split bonus fees with clients.

CPlugin is an expert in building plugins and result-driven solutions for forex brokers, their white labels, and IBs. We are specialized in developing plugins for MT4/MT5, customized technology solutions, web applications, and more.