Quotes Monitor tool

In this article, I will talk about quotes came from liquidity providers, potential problems and their solutions.

Each day through the broker’s trade server gets passed millions of quotes. To get quotes from some provider in MT4, there is a feature—data feeds. You can add as many sources as you want. When one symbol seems to be out of quotes for a while MT4 will switch to next data feed from the list. Until MT4 notice quotes at first data feed. Then he switches back to first data feed from the list.

But what will happen during this period? All we know the name for this - “gap”. Client will see it in client terminal and this is badly affects broker’s business. Very important to notice this, how often some quotes sources provided such gaps to rearrange data feeds or even constantly switch to another provider.

We glad to present a tool to monitor quotes from multiple sources. We’ve invented it under supervision of real world brokers. It shows you a real time overview about all symbols you have, its current prices, current and average spread, when the last price came and how long there were no prices since last update.

We have added a future to let you simultaneously monitor quotes from multiple brokers, your competitors (optionally). To notice a situation when clients can go arbitration because you have worse conditions.

It can notify not only by using visuals (coloring) but using sound and instant messaging (internal MT4 mailing, slack, telegram, etc)