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We are CPlugin

We automate business processes
for MetaTrader brokers in the Forex market.


CPlugin is an experienced programming team that offer to
MetaTrader 4 brokers, their White Labels and IB's:

Web applications

Server plugins

Trading tools

Customized solutions

Administration of trading servers

24/7 Technical support

Reliable technology

Affordable prices and flexible conditions

Our mission

Do you want to make money online? Have you tried any online business? Do you find it hard to understand the strategies? Have you ever thought about the Forex trade? Do you know that you can earn money through this business? Forex trading is becoming more popular since the last couple of years due to the increasing earning possibilities. People find it as an effective way to make money online. It is not about investing in the forex trade. You can also earn from this trade without any investment. Yes, you have heard right. You can work as a forex broker and can help the traders to understand the business and to get profits.

If you are interested in forex trading, it can truly help you to make online. If you feel that you have a very little idea about this profession, you can visit us. We are in this industry to help the forex brokers to understand this business well. We understand both the complications and positive factors of this business. We also know that what you need to do to establish yourself in this industry.

We can offer you any kind of help. If you are looking for the convenient, reliable, and satisfying products at an affordable price with some favorable conditions then we are here for your help. 

Our specialization

For a beginner, it will not be easy to understand the technologies and requirements of this industry. You might find it hard to understand which technology can help you to understand this industry better. If this is the case, we can offer you the best solution depending on your requirements.

We can offer you many ready-made projects that you can use to understand how to work on it. We can also help you to customize it depending on the demand of the clients. We have one decade’s experience in this industry and we use the latest technologies to make the process easier and more effective.

In addition, our team uses the software, web application, and other useful tools and different server plug-ins that are required by the brokers, White Labels and IB’s. We help both the beginners and experienced brokers with our tools and expertise. They trust us for our reliability and experience.

Popular projects
  • Infinite policies
  • Infinite bands
  • Settings for groups and securities
  • Bands settled in USD or lots
  • Verbose journal
  • Execute using worst price.
  • Require price confirmation.
  • SL, TP, Limit and Stop orders.
  • Execute using first/last/worst/original price.
  • Infinite levels
  • Different rules for groups, symbols and securities
  • Rebates for paying back to client
  • Integration with WebAPI
  • Easy to setup
  • Up to 128 master accounts
  • Configurable allocation mode
  • Roles/Claims based access control for each action
  • OData endpoint
  • Primarily works with MySQL DB
  • Utilizes MT4 Manager API
  • compress orders.dat
  • compress users.dat
  • remove orphaned records
  • MT4 server loads and runs faster
  • backups faster and lighter
  • Analyze your traders activity
  • Find toxic traders
  • Observe nice charts and detailed tables
  • No load to MT4 at all
  • find qualified hosting provider company at affordable price
  • automate business processes and routine tasks
  • train your IT specialists
  • develop custom solutions
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Who we are

We have one decade’s experience in the forex industry. We have come to this industry to help the forex brokers. During this long journey, we have helped many forex brokers to earn a huge from this business. We work with the objective of helping the forex brokers. We solve their problems by automating their business. We help them to make the right choice and to take effective decisions related to the forex brokers. Moreover, we offer them the customized technology solution. 

We are available by 24/7. You can come to us anytime for technical support. We will be happy to assist you in any manner. You can also request a free trial version of the products. We will offer you the help depending on your requirements. We will answer all your queries.