Frequently asked questions

Do you offer only readymade products?
We provide both readymade software for Metatrader 4/5 brokers and develop a customize solution for you. Also, we provide a range of services and consulting for MetaTrader 4/5 brokers.

Your prices are high.
Well, you are right. Our prices are a bit higher than average market one. However, our products and services have top quality. You can try a free demo version to make your own impression about them.

Your competitors have better products.
Actually, many of our products and services have unique features and cannot be compared with those provided by our rivals. Moreover, we have a constant support which works 24/7 and we are able to solve any of your troubles.

I don’t need your products, I’m looking for something special.
We are working hard to satisfy the requirements of all our clients. If you need something special, we are happy to offer a customized solution tailored to meet your individual needs.

We have already been working with certain providers and don’t see any sense in changing them.
Being loyal to a certain provider or product is a very positive quality, we really appreciate it. However, it’s always fine to try something new and different. So, you can try our demo version and maybe you will find it interesting for future cooperation.

I don’t have enough funds for buying your products.
Don’t be upset, we are very flexible and can find a good solution for you personally. Also, sometimes we have special discounts and offers. So, sign up to our newsletters and don’t miss your bargain.

I’m not sure in the stability of your work.  There are so many frauds online.
We totally understand your doubts. Nevertheless, our company is quite stable. It was created in early 2015 and our CEO has 12 years of experience in the forex market.

You have a small range of products.
Well, we really don’t have a 100+ positions price list. Still, we specialize in developing plugins and tools exactly for Metatrader4 brokers. This narrow specialization makes it possible to produce high quality. Anyway, if you haven’t found anything you need, just contact us and we’ll solve your task.

I want to get a big discount. Is it possible?
Sure, there are various schemes how to achieve it. One way is to become our constant customer. The more you purchase from us, the better conditions you get. We really do a lot of things to thank you for your loyalty.

Why should I buy your products?
Providing all solutions for Forex brokers is our key business focus. Our expertise in technologies makes our products and services unique to the financial industry. Our plug-ins allow you to increase your competitive advantages and expand your possibilities for taking profit.