WebAPI: ASMX WebService for managing MetaTrader 4 server

SOAP ASMX Web Service to manage MT4 servers using Remote Procedure Call (RPC) ideology.

Web API that allows to manage MetaTrader 4 server parameters remotely by using any programming language that can work with ASMX web services, for instance PHP, ASP.NET or RubyOnRails.

It contains graphical UI to manage settings.

Supports infinite number of MT4 servers.

Console application

This web API runs from windows, as a simple console application, at the background it makes self-hosting of ASMX WebService.

Self-documented web service using WSDL

When you run the application, you might access it through any web browser to check how many functions it offers. It offers most features that MetaQuotes ManagerAPI offers. Function names have been made similar to original Api to avoid confusing.

Servers list

To start working with your MT4 servers and Metaquotes Report database you should add them to application settings.

Settings for a 'user'

In addition, it has internal administrator GUI to let you set up your servers here, users and permissions for them. On the screenshot below you might notice example of configuring permissions for 'user1' that will work with demo MT4 server only.

Settings for 'script'

This screenshot demonstrates setting out of permissions for 'script2' that will call only few functions on real MT4 only.