Advanced JSON RESTful Web API for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 servers

Are you tired to pay $400, $600 or even $800 per month for Web API you have right now?
Check our offer instead. No constant monthly fees. You pay for actual usage only.

Advanced Web API to manage your MT4 and MT5 servers handily - through any HTTP enabled client. It can be PHP website, PERL website, PowerShell script, ASP.NET website, CURL client, etc.

You can create/request/update/delete users, orders, server settings; make deposits/withdrawals, change leverage, etc.

As a part of cloud solutions, it works 24/7 from multiple locations simultaneously around the world to cover most customers' needs of low latency. You always connect to closest instance .

It has very low fees based on usage. You pay only for load you produce. Up to €0.1 per 1000 calls made to Web API.
We also have free tier to let you try or use with very low load - first 5000 calls per month will be free.

There is admin web portal to manage permissions very granular. 

Features list:

  • Manage MT4/MT5 server settings
  • Manage users: create/update/delete
  • Manage groups: create/update/delete
  • Manage symbols: create/update/delete
  • Manage orders: create/update/delete (incl. Deposits/Withdrawals)
  • and much more

Some technical information:

  • JSON payload, detailed errors
  • OAuth authentication
  • Lovely hosted by Microsoft Azure (reliability and availability)
  • Unlimited number of MT4/MT5 servers can be connected to single organization account
  • 24/7 monitoring

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