Traders Room (client area)

Let your clients manage their MT4 accounts and wallets, initiate money transfers and many more using this amazing web site. Your back-office will be happy with this solution.

Complete control for trading accounts and wallets

The web portal has been build using latest market requirements. It has to be simple both for end-users and for company management team.

Key features:

  • Registration for a new portal account, managing user settings
  • Wallets management
    • Create new
    • Deposit/withdraw money
    • Transfer money to/from trading account
  • Trading accounts management
    • Create new
    • Observe balance, leverage, etc.
    • Deposit/withdraw money to/from a wallet

Each step will perform using requests workflow where each request needs to be proceeded by manager or system could execute it fully automatically (plus immediately).

The portal works for three types of users (or roles): Client, Manager and Administrator.

The Client is an account type with no administration features enabled. Normally, most of the time people will work with portal using this mode. However, to manage settings and proceed with requests you will have to login using Manager or Administrator account. The difference between Manager and Administrator is in few things: Administrator can register other Administrators and Managers but nothing else. Managers can do rest management job - work close with clients and their requests.