Web application that allows to manage accounts of clients, to get analytical statistics of their trading activity and much more. It's a perfect tool that monitor what is happening in MetaTrader 4 server at any moment or specified period. It can show you historical data about any period, from one day until full server history.
Some reports draws a graphical charts to let you perfectly visualize trends.
It uses MySQL database and does not create any loads to MetaTrader 4 server at all. Knowing it, you can analyze huge amount of data with no worry about the functionality of MetaTrader 4 server.

Screenshots below will show you how to configure the web application and some reports examples

List of MT4 servers

If you have several servers, you can put data in FXManager from all of them at the same time. Theoretically, the number of connected MT4 servers is infinite. Screenshot below shows a list of connected servers.

Roles list

For each report system has a role, you can assign those roles to the users very granularly. For exmaple, you can grant access to one report and deny access to another one.

Filters list

You can create any number of filters to group up users in reports. It uses native MySQL syntax, so you should not worry about filtering speed. All job will be done on the remote side.

Reports list

It includes wide range of different reports. We are constantly working to implement additional reports.

Example of very detailed report

As an example, below you can see very detailed report about clients activity for some period of time. We have choosen to show only BookB clients. You can see that some clients data are highlighted that allow us to distinguish profitable and unprofitable traders in full list . Also, it has a graphical hint in the last column to investigate even deeper, how clients trade thought the time.

Example of deposits/withdrawals report

Very detailed report about each client deposits, withdrawals and closed positions

Example of closed positions report

It shows number of trades were closed, its profit/loss, deposits/withdrawals and success rate for selected period. In addition, it shows statistics for each symbol: how many trades were closed, bought/sold volume and total net volume