Web application that allows to manage accounts of clients, to get analytical statistics of their trading activity and much more. It's a perfect tool that monitor what is happening in MetaTrader 4 server at any moment or specified period. It can show you historical data about any period, from one day until full server history.
Some reports draws a graphical charts to let you perfectly visualize trends.
It uses MySQL database and does not create any loads to MetaTrader 4 server at all. Knowing it, you can analyze huge amount of data with no worry about the functionality of MetaTrader 4 server.

Screenshots below will show you how to configure the web application and some reports examples

ToolBox | Trade Platforms and Plugins

All available trade platforms will be displayed here. As this tool work as separate tool, it can monitor only few servers from all available. Plus, it support auto-discovery of CPlugin's plugins like FlexibleLeverage and can let you amend settings from nice Web UI.

ToolBox | MT4 Flexible Leverage

After you click of supported plugin from previous page it will navigate you to plugin settings, like on picture. Where you can enter any number of parameters easily, with least mistakes against human factor. Each supported plugin has API which can be used to manage its settings remotely.

ToolBox | Active traders list

General statistics in real-time about your traders' total position, grouped by MT4 group name, by symbol name, etc. All servers in one page.

ToolBox | Quotes Monitor

We managed to move out from standalone windows application and made Quotes Monitoring as a Service, running in a cloud 24/7. You can specify sophisticated rules for alerts displayed on screen and send through Telegram or Email. All servers in one page. Only problematic symbols can be displayed on page, to let it run on big screen in dealing room.