Extended replication

Many forex broker use MetaQuotes Report server. It let them use all power of relation database engine to build complex reports with no load to MT4 at all. But sometimes it might be not enough.

Standalone application that extends data exported by MetaQuotes Report server with additional tables for symbols settings, quotes, jourmal records etc.

So you will be able to make SELECT with JOIN request to the MySQL DB by using all data that MT4 has.

Tables list

In addidition to standart tables made by MetaQuotes Report Server you will have these ones: journal ticks symbols groups security groups

Ticks table

You will have near to real-time export of ticks from MT4 to MySQL DB

Groups table

This table contains User Group structures

Symbols table

Table with Symbol structures

Symbol groups

Table that contains Symbol Group structures

Server journal

Table contains MT4 server journal messages