Multi Level IB commissions

Increase the growth and potential of your brokerage by using multi-tier functionality to expand your IB business (IBs within IBs). Hiring IBs is the fastest and most reliable way to grow your business and network. By offering multi-tier IB structure, your brokerage will stand out and your IBs will be more motivated.



In addition to traders, your IBs can sign other IBs up. The new IBs can in turn sign other IBs and traders up. We call this logic multi-tier IB structure. The commissions add up automatically without your involvement based on the settings you set (you only have to do it once) in your MT4 Administrator interface or remotely by using WebAPI extension. 



  • Ability to offer sub or tiered IB structures
  • Rebates distributed in pips or money values to multiple sub IBs
  • No trader expenses (the rebates are generated and posted at your expense; the trader is never billed for those)
  • For each level you can put different percentage for sharing bonuses
  • Rebates for clients of IBs to stimulate clients trade more and more


 IB Tree