Here below you'll find the list of provided solutions and services. Some of them could be deployed on our premises allowing you to get and to use our software as a service (SaaS). In addition to that, we can provide you the full-featured application for a limited time free of charge. For going live with any of our products or services you have two payment options at your choice: one-time payment or based on monthly "lease" fees. 

Our human-hour fee is €150 / hour. More hours you need to get job done more discount you would get.

Full IT coverage of your MT4 server, its data centers, 24/7 health monitoring, server adjustments, automation and consulting costs €1500 / month.

Plugins MT4/MT5
Server plugin for MetaTrader 4 to calculate and pay commissions at real time. In addition, it can calculate rebates to pay back to the client if IB decided to divide bonus fees with his client. It is ready to work with WebAPI through MetaQuotes Manager API.
Plugin that calculates agent commissions using MySQL database to get settings and to put computation results in it. It will not produce balance operation per each step in multi-level IB scheme. You might make one bulk balance operation at the end of month manually/by robot.
MAM plugin allows the asset manager to manage multiple sub-accounts from a master account by splitting the trades' margin requirements between them.
When the trader opens a position on his master account, this will be immediately reflected on the corresponding sub-accounts and vice versa, when an investor deposits or withdraws funds, the master account will synchronize instantly and perform partial positions' closure along with commission payouts.
The plugin supports up to 128 master accounts, each working with a specified allocation mode and managing a specific group of sub-accounts.
This plugin defines and sets a bigger or lower margin (set leverage) depending on total net volume that client has.
Plugin for МТ4 to execute trades with confirmation and using worst prices.
The idea is to manage how order execute. It will require ticks to be in a row to confirm execution. And if this happen you can chose what price must be used. Plugin proceed all kind of trades: SL, TP, Stop an Limit. Further more, you are able to chose algorithm for each order type from one of: worst, fist, last and order's price.
For example, to fire TP order on BUY trade plugin will require 3 ticks in uninterruptible sequence to confirm execution, all of them must be higher that TP level set by client. And if this happen plugin would use worst price from those three ticks.
The plugin fanatically increase broker's income and minimizes risks.
By schedule, this plugin changes limit and stop level for specified groups at specified date or/and repeatable for some days of the week.
Solution that manage competition's start and end time (enable and disable trading for specified user groups), and close clients' positions when competition ends.
Delayed Swaps archived
Solution to delay adding swaps for specified user groups.
Market Closer archived
Plugin to prevent opening new trades by users n-minutes before market becomes closed (usually on Friday night).
Quotes Checker archived
Plugin to notify manager using internal MetaTrader 4 mail system about halted quotes feed.
Extensions for WebAPI archived
MetaTrader4 plugin that extends manager api with few functions that needs by WebAPI.
This application takes news from one MetaTrader4 server using ManagerAPI and by using pumping mode sends to other MetaTrader4 servers. Also it has cache of last n-records to let web applications get it (using tcp) and show on web page.
News Processor archived
An application allowing to receive news from different input providers like Dow Jones, Prime Tass, Knowledge View (raw TCP data, XML, FTP) and to send it to any of output providers like a MySQL DataBase, MetaTrader4 server using manager api, MetaTrader5 manager api, Unifeed protocol and etc. Extendable by writing new modules, fully configurable routes by XML files and much more.
This is a .NET library, a wrapper for native mt4manapi[64].dll to connect to MT4 server. You could manage your MT4 server using any of these languages: VB.NET, C#, F# and even PowerShell.
Tool to compress MT4 databases by collapsing trade and user records into single one to dramatically save memory, startup time and whole server healthiness.
Extends standard Metaquotes Report Server functionality with additional tables for symbols, security groups, user groups, quotes, server journal.
Web applications
Advanced WebAPI to manage your MT4 and MT5 servers in very handy way - through any HTTP enabled client.
As a part of cloud solutions, it offers 24/7 work from multiple locations around the world to be cover most customers needs in low latency. You always connects to closest to you instance automatically.
As a result, it has very low fees based on usage. You pay only for load you produce. Up to €0.1 for each 1000 calls.
We also have free tier to let you try or use with very low load - first 5000 calls per month will not be charged at all.
There is admin web portal to manage permissions very granular.
Traders Room archived
Web site for end users to register and to manage MT4 accounts, to manage multi-currency wallets, to deposit/withdraw/intra-transfer money, read news, etc.
Administration area for creating new accounts and wallets, for managing requests etc.
Flexible settings to let users choose account type, leverage, initial deposit(for demo) and option to make manager approve each request.
Works natively with MetaQuotes Manager API with no need to use any third party WebAPIs.
Trade Analytics archived
Web site that provides useful reports about trading activity, cheaters, deposits/withdrawals in usable and nice to see AJAX-enabled jqGrid tables. Also, it contains area for back-office, to work with payment systems. Simple authentication by login/password or in Microsoft Active Directory.
OData WEBAPI for MT4 archived
WebAPI with OAuth and OData to work with MetaQuotes MetaTrader 4 Server using ManagerAPI and MetaQuotes Report MySQL Database. Web UI to manage permissions with per-action-per-user assignment. XML and JSON payload. Authentication using OAuth with tokens.