Vladislav Sorokin

Aware about PIP traders?

Do you want to know who trade cheaty? Usually they have name "pip traders" because they enter and exit during few seconds period and get significant profit from those trades. Now you can easily filter out such traders and analyze their acctivity in very convenient way. Simply add filter like on picture below and utilize all power of our Analytics system.

Then make this filter active and use everywhere in any reports you like.



Feel free to register and start using right now.

Vladislav Sorokin

Nuget + Chocolatey = best software deploy and updates delivery system

For your convenience, we have deployed our privately hosted Nuget server which let you install/update libraries right from Visual Studio or even command line using console client whenever you want.

NuGet url: https://nuget.cplugin.com/nuget/default
Simply add this package source to your package manager and do start using our libraries.

Second feature also very interesting, Chocolatey feed lets you to download software package for very first time and receive further updates very easily.
Chocolatey feed url: https://nuget.cplugin.com/nuget/apps

For further readings please have a look here https://confluence.cplugin.com/display/GEN