Vladislav Sorokin

Cloud based WebAPI progress

As you might know we have cloud hosted JSON WebAPI for MT4/MT5.
During this weekend some job were done and performance gained dramatically.

Please have a look to the statistics, here you see how significantly repsonse time reduced:


This screenshot shows previous timerange statistics, pay attention to percentiles:


After update graphs look like:


In other words,
99% or requests will be executed during 76ms,
95% of requests - during 24ms,
if you are lucky, 50% of the time - you will get response during 9.7ms.


Feel free to join our first in the class cloud hosted MT4/MT5 JSON WebAPI at: https://MyWebAPI.com

Vladislav Sorokin

Aware about PIP traders?

Do you want to know who trade cheaty? Usually they have name "pip traders" because they enter and exit during few seconds period and get significant profit from those trades. Now you can easily filter out such traders and analyze their acctivity in very convenient way. Simply add filter like on picture below and utilize all power of our Analytics system.

Then make this filter active and use everywhere in any reports you like.



Feel free to register and start using right now.