New features in GAP Helper plugin

New features in GAP Helper plugin

We have added two extra features to the GAP-helper plugin

  1. Two more execution price selecting algorithms: 
    • best - works as sounds;
    • fair-worst - between the best price in the array, we will pick the worst among them.
  2. Added parameter ‘ticks counting mode’ which changes ticks counting algorithm dramatically:
    • satisfied - previous n-ticks, all satisfy requirement to fire order. The mode by default in previous versions;
    • following - n-ticks after first price, which activates order.

So, you will have few more options to choose from to get even more profit without irritating your clients. 




Vladislav Sorokin

Vladislav Sorokin is a CEO of CPlugin since its beginning, who have been working at Alpari, FxPro and MetaQuotes, who have been co-founder of STP forex company. Grew up in Russian capital, then migrated to Cyprus, then to Thailand.
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