Getting Started with the Blog

Getting Started with the Blog

We have started our business officially 4'th February 2015. And we already have few splendid solutions to offer. So, let's get started.

We offer these solutions

  1. ASMX WebAPI - to let you manage MT4 from any kind of Web application
  2. Trade Analytics - web site to analyze your traders' activity, their P&L, balance operations, trends, etc.
  3. Multi-tier IB MT4 plugin - to enable infinite nesting tree for your IB network within MT4 serer.
  4. Flexible Limit/Stop Levels MT4 plugin - to adjust Limit and Stop levels using scheduler.
  5. Competitions Manager MT4 plugin - aimed to manage competitions' start and end time with position closing feature.
  6. Delayed Swaps MT4 plugin - a way to delay calculating swaps.
  7. Market Closer MT4 plugin - prevent opening new trades before n-minutes market draw to close.
  8. Quote Checker MT4 plugin - tool to notify manager about halted quotes.
  9. WebAPI extensions MT4 plugin - few additional functions besides ManagerAPI for convenience.
  10. News Copier tool - to copy news from one MT4 to few others.
  11. Extended Replication solution - to extend standard Report Server functionality with additional tables for symbols, security groups, user groups, quotes, server journal.
  12. EMIR reporting - tool to send trade reports to European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) automatically by scheduler.

Vladislav Sorokin

Vladislav Sorokin is a CEO of CPlugin since its beginning, who have been working at Alpari, FxPro and MetaQuotes, who have been co-founder of STP forex company. Grew up in Russian capital, then migrated to Cyprus, then to Thailand.
Always willing to help, to find a way to solve problems of our clients and make their life easier and happier.

Director, developer, traveler, hand maker, husband.

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